I’m in Love…

…with a possible forever house.  We went back for a second look this past weekend, and it’s everything we could possibly want, about 9 acres, has historical significance in the area, over 200 years old, a barn, multiple greenhouses, a gated kennel where we could put a chicken coop – EVERYTHING.  It used to be a former flower farm, some years ago.

It also has groomed forests, maple trees, a root cellar, a pond, a kitchen garden that’s about as big as our community garden plot right now, and a pool and hot tub.

Um… *whispers*  I’s wants it.

Of course, there’s the negatives. The house is only 1200 square feet (a quarter smaller than our current place) and looks like such a mishmosh of different time periods and sidings.  Some of the original post and beam in the original part of the house need replacing.  The barn siding needs to be redone – a lot of work, and a huge addition needed.

We want it, we really do.  But can we afford it, with all that needs to be done? It only has 2 bedrooms right now.  And, of course, we need to sell our current place.  But can you imagine – going from a condo with no land to 9 acres? We were made for this place.

I don’t know if it will happen, but for now, it’s our dream.

Kitchen garden
Muskrat pond

Maple tree

Old barn

Groomed forest

3 Responses

  1. Is this where i will be visiting soon 😉

  2. It’s a beautiful piece of property.

  3. The place looks lovely! 1200 sqft is plenty big, we lived in a 2 bedroom 800sqft house for many years and I really loved living in a small space. Our new house is just a little over 1200 and it feels like a ton of space for the three of us. Living in a small house forces you to think differently about “stuff” and make hard decisions about what you really need in your life. Small houses are also a lot more efficient. If you love the place, I say go for it!

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