Farmers Market Sunday

The summer Greenmarket will be coming to an end in about another month.  It will then move indoors to Proctor’s until the end of April.  No more fresh fruits! Only greens and root veggies for awhile! Bah, I need to prepare myself.

But in the meantime, there’s still lots to enjoy.  This week, we picked up:

  • That awesome ciobatta bread, a croissant, and a cheese danish from Our Daily Bread.
  • Potatoes (can’t remember the name) and Orange Hubbard squash from Barber Farm.
  • Concord grapes (grapes!) from Madura Farm.
  • 2lbs chicken sausage from Coopers Ark Farm.
  • 1 gallon apple cider from Migliorelli Farm and 1 bunch arugala.
  • 1 half-gallon of reduced-fat milk and 1 pint chocolate milk from Battenkill Creamery.

Those grapes.

I’m not fully convinced they didn’t find these wild, because, after all, Concords are related to a wild, native species of New England.  Still, they taste an awful lot like Welch’s grape juice!

Next week at the market, same bat time, same bat channel!


2 Responses

  1. Barber’s Farm is a great place to visit. Do you ever head out to their roadside stand on Rt. 30? I love it out there. It is right in line with Shauls and Bohringer’s too. They all have great local food. We have some wild grapes growing in our yard as well as some planted concord grapes. The wild grapes are so sour that the birds won’t even eat them. I can’t wait for the first frost so that I can start making jelly!

    • The day we went to Coopers Ark we wanted to go to Barber’s but ran out of time. They are some of the most helpful people!

      My sister came up to visit last weekend and brought some wild grapes she picked with her. They were pretty decent and we made two pints of grape jam with them. I wonder why yours are so sour.

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