Green Living

easygreenSorry, Kermit got it wrong.  It IS easy being green!  To quote one of my favorite books, “Green living is easy once you know what to do.”  The problem is, many of us have forgotten, or never learned, what was well known only about 50 years ago.

The motto in our country nowadays is “personal responsibility.”  As Americans, our mores are all about independence, self-reliance, and hard work.  We complain about the monetary debts that will be owed by future generations due to past and current spending levels, but we have no problem leaving behind polluted water, air and land for them to live with, to be affected by, and to clean up.  We’re led to believe that lots of times, our singular actions make no difference in this very populated world, but we fail to realize that one action begets another, one individual influences another, and lots of single people add up to many people who create a difference.

In my personal opinion, all of us have a responsibility to do the best we can to make our best efforts to live as sustainably as we possibly can.  Not all of us can afford the high prices of free-range meat, that’s fine.  Make an effort to cut down on the amount of meat you eat in your life anyway, it’s good for your health and good for the environment.  Perhaps you don’t have the time or care about returning your recyclable soda and beer cans to get your deposits back at your local supermarket.  Stick them in the recycling box at the bottom of your driveway or in your apartment complex – it takes much less time, and it helps.  There is always something more that each and every one of us can do better.

Even beyond all that, I think the most important thing we all can do, is to learn more about the surroundings in which we live.  To be aware of where our food comes from, who produces it locally, what chemicals you are bringing into your house that your loved ones come into contact with.  Even if you change nothing, education changes everything.  Sticking your head in the sand means you are refusing to take personal responsibility for yourself and your life.

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  1. word. What I recently learned is that not everything at the farmer’s market is organic. *gasp* You have to ask to find out what is and what isn’t. and if those apples look perfect, most likely they’re not. 😦

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