Modern Homesteading

The other day, hubby and I were at Barnes and Noble, looking for a travel guide to D.C, when my eyes fell on a table of books. Now, if you’ve ever been to a Barnes and Noble, it’s likely you’ve seen a similar setup – a table with lots of books lined up all over it and a sign that says “Classics” or “Black History Month” or whatever subject the books are all aligned with. But the sign on this table was one I’ve never seen before. It said…

Modern Homesteading

No joke, my jaw fell open. I’ve never seen in print this thing that I’m into – but Modern Homesteading is it! Of course, I just about fell over myself opening every single book on canning, raising chickens, planning vegetable gardens, etc.

Ok, so right now I can’t raise my own chicks. Even though there’s lots of advice on how to urban homestead, and even though I don’t exactly live in a city, I am not extreme enough at this moment in time to go and try to raise my own meat or get my own eggs. BUT, it is something that hubby and I have talked about in the past and when we finally end up on our lovely old farmhouse with lots o’ land (*cough cough*, one day 🙂 it is exactly the type of thing we would love to do. Along with a goat. (Whatever, I’m dreaming, mmmkay?) I’ve already got the fruit canning down, and have to get a pressure canner so we can start canning meats and veggies).

In the meantime, it has given me lots of inspiration for what we would like to start aiming for.

Here are some cool and wacky blogs/websites that one could use for inspiration: