Taking It Easy

Thank you folks, for your kind words on my I’m Stressed post the other day.  I’ve taken your words to heart and doing some soul-searching on what I really want to focus on in my homesteading activities.  Now I just have to narrow it down, and that will be hard!

Instead of doing any big projects this week, I spent a lot of time with friends.  The hubby and I attended our friends’ JOP wedding in Schoharie smack-in-the-middle-of-effing-nowhere Tuesday night!  I got a call from A on Friday night asking if we would be their witnesses at the wedding.  Hell yeah!  A and R actually had a destination wedding in the Bahamas in May but no one except them was there, and I really wished we could have been.  Well, apparently, Bahamas weddings don’t transfer to the U.S., so they haven’t been “legal” this entire time, so I got my chance!  On Tuesday night, we pulled into the gravel parking lot of an old building in Schoharie, where the town judge and clerk were waiting for us.  There, A and R proceeded to repeat their vows (which were very nicely done by the judge I might add) and then we all drove back up the street to their house for pizza.  All weddings should be that simple. 🙂


Last night, I met up with some old and current friends from work at the Mexican joint down the road, and we enjoyed catching up with each other, relaxing with some drinks, and having some fun outside of the office. Neither night did I get home early, but I stopped stressing about all I had to do, and made sure I got to bed earlier than normal.  Sleep still isn’t great, but I’ve been getting a little more.

Lots of my current homesteading activities are about to be done for the season, mostly gardening and food preserving.  K went out to our garden today (as I sat at the car dealership dealing with a very important recall on my Honda) to see how the plants made (or didn’t make) it through the frost.  Good news for the most part to report!  The peppers and melon did indeed wither and are now done, but the baby spinach has thus far made it through, hurrah! He wasn’t able to take any pics, but hopefully I can get out there this weekend.  (Again, sure wish the garden was in my non-existent backyard!) He reported the golden chard is actually looking the best it’s looks so far this year (it must like cold weather), the garlic has all sprouted, and the brussels sprouts are still fine, as expected.

Does anyone know when brussels sprouts get harvested?  A quick Google search says anytime between late fall to early winter, which taken literally to me, means we can pick it in January (if winter starts in late December). That doesn’t sound right, but ours are still pretty small and I’m hoping they will at least keep growing till November.  We’re in Zone 5 though, so I’m not sure how long they will last.

I’m still very new at this, as you can tell!  🙂  But I’ve come a looooong way since last April, when I had no idea what THIS was! 🙂

Mystery plant

Mystery plant

Bwahaha! I had seriously NEVER seen what brussels sprouts grow on. Never in my life!!

It’s supposed to snow overnight, now, so the hubby has renewed his quest to finish the coldframe before the next season starts. 🙂 He spent much of the night tonight in the garage and has thus far come up with this:

Front of coldframe

Front of coldframe

K drilling the back of the coldframe

K drilling the back of the coldframe

Apparently he still has several hours of work left on this, he says.  Yea, I’m so not getting this this weekend. 🙂

Two Months In

Did I already say this? I think I’m a broken record – we have way too much lettuce. We can’t possibly eat it all.  We really need to look into giving away some to the Squash Hunger program.  Oh well, we’ll pay attention to how long it lasts this year and know how much to plant for next year.

We’re about two months into our garden now (two months ago today we “rented” our plot!) and it is bursting with life.  I spent a couple of hours Sunday afternoon thinning one of the lettuce beds.  That’s right, I actually pulled out whole plants, and ended up with a ton of lettuce to eat this week and barely a dent in the garden!


A few updated pics on other things in the garden…

The green beans we planted last week have sprouted!


K said it would be fast, and he was right!  The corn has sprouted too!


The strawberries are flowering all over the place and we have our first strawberry growing!


The brussels sprouts keep getting bigger.


And we keep trying to convince the sugarsnap peas to climb the stakes we put into the ground.  We finally strung twine in between in hopes they’ll start using it like a trellis.


And finally, now that the golden chard has gotten a little bit bigger, we are starting to see how it got it’s name! Look at the beautiful yellow stalks.  I love it!


That’s it for now.  Anyone want some lettuce?  It’s fresh and delicious, I swear!