The End

Dear Reader(s),

After about two years at this domain, I have decided to pack it in.

Now, considering the millions of readers I have, I’m sure all of you will be crushed to read this. After all, where else will you go to get your fix of the mundane but green? 🙂

So, on second thought, I’ve NOW decided I couldn’t bear the hundreds of thousands of emails and tweets that I was going to get begging me not to go, to keep filling Google readers and searches with the enlightenment that my blogging provides.

Ok, ok, all joking aside, I’m not going anywhere.  But I am moving to a new address. It’s time for a fresh, new start, with a new domain that’s a little easier on the tongue, and a broader lease on life.

It’s at and I hope you will update any readers or bookmarks or subscriptions and follow me there.

My hope is that it’ll be a bit more broad than Little House was. I always felt constrained by Little House, to post only things related to the house in some way. Silly, I know; I definitely created my own limitations, but it is what it is. Or was. I’m hoping I can break out of my own self-created limits and start blogging about even more things, but still with a green focus. I’m taking a lot of Little House over to Crunchy Chelle with me but I’m excited to branch out a bit too.

I won’t be updating here anymore, so I want to thank you for reading Little House! Get ready for more crunchiness though and head over to…

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