wallpaperHiya! I’m Chelle, a former Laura Ingalls addict who’s finally settled down in her own Little House near Schenectady, New York.  I live with my husband, K, a former Ranger Rick nut, and together we are living out our planeteer dreams.

This blog developed out of a 2009 New Years resolution to embrace my inner 19th century domestic goddess (usually hiding in the basement, begging to come out) and give into trying out those now crazy and geeky, but formally very common ways living a life closer to the land.

It’s all good in theory, but the reality  is that often times trying to do things they did it way back in the day often makes life even more complicated in the present day, especially with a full time, professional job and real life time commitments.

Our Little House right now has no land which we may cultivate ourselves, but despite our immediate limitations, we community garden and are surrounded by farms, farm stands, and farmers markets which my husband and I frequent often.  One day, we hope to own a nice-sized piece of land, to expand our ideas to meet our ideals. 

We started knowing next-to-nothing about urban homesteading and are slowly learning about self-reliability and sustainability.  Somewhere inbetween getting up to our elbows in tomato guts, or learning about getting rid of insects that specifically target our beloved green beans, we’re learning that we can do this.

Welcome to our little house!

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